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​QCELL inventions empower clinicians with the most advanced medical scopes, offering incomparable diagnostic power. The company has developed and markets a pipeline of medical endoscopes, dermoscopes and colposcopes, which are based on the globally patented, disrupting Spectral Vision camera technology. This unique imaging technology acquires and displays, simultaneously and in real time, high-definition color images, spectral images and spectral maps, an information-rich dataset instantly informing about early signs of disease, the grade of the lesion and its margins. Multichannel imaging across the visible and the invisible portions of the optical spectrum add several new information dimensions, radically improving the performance of AI/machine learning platforms, towards converting spectral mapping into “optical biopsy” mapping. This remarkable achievement will minimize invasive biopsies, improve diagnostic outcomes and minimize healthcare expenditure. The company implements an ambitious business plan to penetrate the global markets with her current commercial grade products and to expand her product portfolio to all medical scopes. Several years of pioneering research, clinical validations and optimizations are the most trustable superb product performance guarantors. QCELL is certified and implements the ISO 13485 quality management system for medical devices, with CE-Marked products listed in the EUDAMED, the European database on medical devices.

Prof. Costas Balas is the company’s founder and CEO. 

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