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See the Invisible
with QCELL’s Spectral Scopes

QCELL has invented Spectral Vision, a game-changing technology impacting the entire world of imaging science and technology. ​

Color camera-based medical endoscopes and microscopes are now replaced with our advanced Spectral-Vision Scopes with incomparable diagnostic power. Bench-top analytical instruments are now replaced with affordable, handheld, field-operable, real-time spectral mappers.​

A Spectral View to the Future!

Equipped with a three-channel sensor, color cameras were made to emulate human vision, generating the primary color basis for synthesizing the perceived hues. ​

Imagine how the world would look like with a multichannel vision, extended to invisible bands of the spectrum. You would be able to see the chemistry behind the colors and to become instantly informed about early signs of disease, about food’s quality etc. Pushing the limits of what is possible in the imaging science, QCELL made this happen! ​

QCELL’s imaging products are based on the company’s proprietary Spectral Vision platform technology. Conventional color video imaging is now replaced with multichannel video imaging and live spectral mapping.

QCELL’s spectral imagers break barriers to entry, addressing the broad demand for live spectral inspection with advanced handheld devices. Spectral Vision information-rich data are an ideal input to machine learning/AI-based training, transforming spectral maps to pathology maps or to chemical maps offering great diagnostic value and analytical power respectively.

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